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  • Add app to Facebook page

    Ellen 16:46 on May 30, 2012 | 0 Permalink | Reply
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    If you want to add your app to a Facebook page, you will have to do the following.

    1. Prepare your app

    Make sure your have has valid URLs to point to from the little thumbnail in the Facebook page. Add an image that will be displayed. To fit the image into the area on the Facebook page it needs to be 111 x 74 px.


    2. Add the app
    To add the app to the page you need to run the following link:[APP_ID]&next=[PAGE_TAB_URL]

    The app id can be found
    3. Add page tab dialog
    The page tab dialog will show all the pages you have admin permissions to.

  • How to add Facebook like buttons to your tab

    Ellen 17:06 on January 4, 2011 | 1 Permalink | Reply
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    Since late last year it is now possible to add Facebook Like buttons to Static FBML tab on your Facebook page. You can add as many as you like as long as the have a unique “xid” parameter for each like button. “returnurl” is the parameter for the URL you want users to like. The code for one like button looks like this:

    // Code for my Like button

    Showing only the Like button

    Style sheet at the top has been added to hide elements which is included in the fb:comments set, this set displays Facebook’s comments functionality by default. Make sure to place the css above your FBML tags.

    • “.comment_body” displays the comments.
    • “.subtitle_left” displays a small Facebook icon with the text “Facebook social plugin” below the Like button.

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