Recently I started using the neat fetures of Fmod for iPhone development. Fmod is an audio library used for most gaming platforms to add sound effects and create a 3D world of sounds. Here follows a step-by-step guide to set up Fmod for iPhone in Xcode. SDK version 4.3.3.

1. Download Fmod Ex Programmers API for iOS.

2. Unzip Fmod Programmers API to your Applications folder.

3. Create a new project in xCode. To enhance the workflow I create my project in the following folder: “/Applications/FMOD Programmers API/examples/”.

4. Fmod is using a mix of Objective-C and C++. All .m files in your project needs to be renamed .mm which is the file format for Objective-C++.

5. In “Build Phases” link the following frameworks to your project:

6. Include these Fmod files in your header file:

#import "fmod.hpp"
#import "fmod_errors.h"

7. For your project to find the Fmod files you will include search paths to your “Build settings”:

HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS       ../../api/inc
LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS       ../../api/lib

8. Link the following libraries to your project. In “Build Settings” set OTHER_LDFLAGS to:

Debug     -lfmodexL_$PLATFORM_NAME  // Includes debug logging
Release   -lfmodex_$PLATFORM_NAME