Yesterday I did a lecture on the past and future of web technologies at Bergs School of Communication.
Starting from the birth of Flash and it’s evolution of being the most common animation tool on the web up till today when HTML5 is on everyone’s mind I pointed out the pros and cons of each one of these 2 techniques. If you are thinking of building a HTML5 site for your client you might want to check what browsers the target group is using. The browser statistics clearly tells you that web users are not ready for HTML5 yet, only 46% of web users are ready for HTML5 websites. But it’s just a matter of time until HTML5 becomes a standard.

Many APIs would be smoothly integrated with HTML5 sites since the often offer a Javascript based interface to serve data from their services. The lecture touched on the most popular APIs and mashups. From the most popular APIs on the net to local Swedish APIs, the students got to combine them to come up with new digital concepts driven by the possibilities of each API. There were some really interesting mashups presented. Just imagine a mashup with Spotify and Google Maps. Yeeeahh.. got your synapses working!